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Upcoming and Completed Research

A3 Strategy

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Financial opportunity from automation and Gen AI outside of the network (part 2)Jul 24
Part 2 of an update on the financial value of A3. Where will automation, Gen AI and related technologies create bottom-line value for the telcos in the channels, marketing and sales?
Quantum - what does it mean for telcos?May 24
A look at topics such as quantum security and the roll that they will play in telcos
Financial opportunity from automation and Gen AI in the network (part 1)Jan 24
A bi-yearly update of work on the financial value of A3 to an "average" telco - this is part 1 of a 2 part report and is focussed on refining the model to show the value of automation and Gen AI in the network
New A3 capabilities in telcos: a view of the long term impacts of intelligenceMay 23
This report highlights a number of current hot topics such as Generative AI and discusses their importance and uses within telcos
6G: Hype or Real Benefits?May 22
Review of current expectations: what is happening on the supply side of creating 6G capabilities - and what is the realistic demand? With a focus on the impact for telco A3

A3 for networks, OSS and BSS

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How to achieve a self-healing networkMar 24
Current trends and developments in the assurance market; including deep dive into AIOps
AutomationOct 23
Review of the use of A3 in network/OSS/BSS automation and update on progress. Including discussion on overcoming some of the bigger barriers.
The use of A3 in Open RANJul 23
Review of where A3 will be required and the most important early days use cases
Network Exposure FunctionDec 22
The opportunities, activity and interest in NEF
eBPFJul 22
Short report on the opportunity for eBPF within telco assurance
NW DAFJun 22
An update on the NWDAF market - looking at use cases, likelihood of success and new potential use cases

Data and A3 Monetization

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The use of A3 in telco's enterprise digital twin deploymentsJul 24
The use of A3 in telco's enterprise digital twin deployments
A3 in the private networkApr 24
A look at A3 capabilities being developed by telcos for private networks - which capabilities look set to be most important in the mid term?
How Can Telcos support their "Data Driven" Customers?Aug 22
Telcos are seeing new opportunities in the market to provide data and A3 services to their enterprise customers. This report looks at the uses for BSS, OSS and network data; alongside A3 and data management.
Case Study: Telefonica Tech AIJul 21
Case study on development, current strategy and future plans for Telefonica Tech AI
A3 Products for Enterprise CustomersMar 21
A3 products that telcos are/can sell to their enterprise customers. With particular focus on the edge.

Data management

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Building an AI cultureJun 24
A review of how to build trust and organizational support for AI - including topics such as AI governance, training and the development of guardrails around Generative AI
Developing the Data-Driven TelcoApr 23
A multi-case study report on the progress of telcos towards becoming "data driven organizations" - looking at strategic, organization, cultural and technology requirements
Telco Progress towards Being a "Data Driven Organization"Apr 22
An update on telco activity around storing data, data management, data and AI governance, data science/analytics and other topics
Data governanceJun 21
Review of the current role of data governance in telcos

Other A3 Topics

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Cloud economics: Future strategies for use of cloud in telcoMar 24
How will cloud deployments in telcos develop? Uses for private vs public - looking at strategic and economic issues
Digital Twin for TelcoNov 22
Review of the opportunities for digital twins to be deployed within a telco - the potential value and use cases
A3 in Customer ExperienceAug 21
View of customer experience improvements that make use of A3 - including a view of their financial value
Use of A3 in the Contact CentreDec 20
Financial value of A3 in assisted channels; review of capabilities and CV19 impact
A3 in Multi-Channel Marketing HubsNov 20
Market review of MMH for telcos including competitive landscape
Edge AssuranceJul 20
Review of assurance needed considering the telco roadmap for 5G and edge