10 Interesting Deployments in Telecom A3

This is a list of 10 vendor use cases which includes unusual features not seen amongst the 130 case studies analysed. Not all use cases may be considered “cutting edge” because the analysis was undertaken on commercially deployed solutions and not the newest solutions seen on vendors’ PowerPoint.  However, each demonstrates something not seen before that is currently in use within a telco.

AssuranceEmpirixQuality of experience scoring across multiple networks
Network ManagementNokiaCollection of environmental data (noise, wind, dust, air quality) from sensors on existing sites to enable new cost savings.
Network PlanningEricssonNetwork graph ML algorithm used to configure the automation of RAN design
Contact CentreNuanceNuance’s security suite screens every call coming in to sales, activation and claims line to create a voiceprint which is compared to “the watchlist”
Contact CentrePegasystemsReal-time guidance system replicates decision making of telco’s best agents during customer interactions for care staff and replicates processes in digital self-service channels.
Contact CentreNICE SystemsMultiple sources of data are brought together to enable decision makers and care representatives to focus coaching programs on driving performance.
Digital ChannelGenesysCustomers can click to call or chat with an agent from the telco’s app. The button can be dynamically displayed so that it is hidden if the company expects a high volume of calls
SalesConversicaVirtual sales assistant which messages to warm prospects in order to try to set up calls with the sales team
SalesSalesChoicePrediction of sales outcomes using ML for new, renewal and upsell/cross-sell business
Multiple TeamsSASSolution filters out customer wishes from unstructured data volumes and provides it to multiple parts of the organization including corporate communications and public relations


In order to understand the types of advanced analytics, AI and automation (A3) being implemented by telcos, we visited 250 websites of vendors known to sell to telcos – and analysed 130 suitable press releases and case studies, giving a picture of the depth and breadth of actual live implementations.

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