Current Deployment of Digital Twins in Telcos

Looking at the digital twins deployed today by telcos, today – they can be categorized in two areas:


  • The potential financial upside to a telco
  • The degree of need for problem resolution that the DT could bring


  • The complexity of DT creation
  • The maturity of DTs deployed already in other verticals
  • Availability of data for DT
  • Quality of existing processes and general understanding of the are

Placing the digital twins seen on these two axis:

NB. the colourings of the various items denotes 3 different categories of digital twin:

Classic Twin describes the most mature category, found in manufacturing, operations, construction, maintenance and operating environments

Digital Twin/Model describes a continum between classic twins and models (many of which are already partly deployed in the telco today)

Digital Twin of the Organization  describes a virtual model of a department, business unit, organization or whole enterprise that management can use to support specific financial or other decision-making processes