Financial Value of A3 Across a Telco

The diagram below provides a view of the potential financial value of using analytics, AI and Automation (A3) across a telco. The key at the top right, shows groupings of value in $m for each year of the first five years that the project is implemented.

Main Findings

  • High returns on investment for a telco are most likely to be seen where A3 augments large capital-intensive projects (for example, moves toward SDN/NFV)
  • There are also cases where A3 impacts the operational cost of large groups of people involved in repetitive activity (for example, field services or in the contact centre)
  • Although, expected returns on reducing head count or creating new efficiencies in smaller teams can be modest
  • One general trend seen across the diagram is that certain types of use cases offer good “problems” for A3 to solve and others do not
  • However, the fact that the use case offers a strong reason for using A3 does not mean that it necessarily generates a good return.

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