Most Popular A3 Projects in 2018/19


In order to understand where vendors are gaining traction with products which included Advanced analytics, AI and Automation (A3), it is useful to look beyond the vendor powerpoint – at published case studies and press releases.  These give a picture of the depth and breadth of actual live implementations.

We visited 250 websites of vendors known to sell to telcos – and analysed 130 suitable press releases and case studies.

Main Findings

  • 45% of the press releases/case studies related to operations and planning in the network
  • 36% specifically concerned network management and assurance
  • The relative maturity of using ML in campaign management and the reduction in hype around consumer chatbots meant that there was less case study material seen in this 2018/19 analysis period than might be expected
  • Increased activity was seen in field service workforce management, the contact centre and digital channels.

Summary of Telco Activity

The diagram below shows the distribution of case studies found – against the broad view of possible uses of A3 in a telco.  Pink shows 10 or more case studies with network management having a count of 30 and assurance with 16.  Blue shows more nascent areas. For more information on the potential uses of A3, see Uses for A3 Across a Telco

Most Popular A3 Projects in 2018/19

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