Progress of A3 Deployment on Network and OSS

A3 (analytics, AI and automation) solutions deployed in the network and OSS vary widely in “sophistication”.  Simple analytics offer the ability to gain insight into how the network is performing while machine learning and reasoning can be included within automations to create intelligent processes.

The diagram below shows the results of analysis into the:

  • sophistication of A3 required in various network and OSS functional areas (y-axis). Is there a place for ML-driven automation in future or will simpler analytics be enough?
  • sophistication seen to date (x-axis). Are the most far forward tier 1 telcos claiming to have deployed A3 (or at least taken the first steps towards a full solution)?

The data points on the diagram are labelled to show:

  • in pink text, the main overarching automation goals for the network environment which will bring the largest financial benefit to telcos. For example, a full self-healing network or automated service provisioning
  • in black text, other functional areas where A3 brings benefit – for example, the planning of the network or in assurance activities which enable the network team to monitor customer experience.

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