Services Offered

Charlotte’s current focus area is Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Automation (A3) for telecommunications.

She offers a subscription service to her clients as well as bespoke consultancy.

Subscription Service


This is a yearly subscription.

It provides access to a client-only area at and hours of Charlotte’s time (dependent on subscription level) to be used as and when it is useful.

Client Content

  • A minimum of 9 new pieces of research each year
  • Topics will be selected to best meet the needs of clients
  • The home page shows recent and upcoming research

Use of Hours of Bespoke Work

  • Creation of white papers based on existing research
  • Creation and delivery of webinars based on existing research
  • SWOT analysis of your company
  • Analysis of company’s strategic positioning
  • Participation in a strategy day or other discussions
  • Audit of marketing collateral
  • Help with RFP creation or response

Providing help with:

Strategy Creation

Market reviews - detailed analysis of the products available, their popularity and new ideas coming to the market
Competitive landscapes – competitive positioning of vendors in the market
Bespoke A3 audits – analysis of company’s strategic positioning and opportunities for new products or approaches to the market

Business Case Development

Detailed advice on the financial opportunities around A3
Tracking of these financial opportunities including provision of information on case studies
Bespoke A3 financial opportunity modelling – creation of individual business models to support decision making


Provision of market insight for different A3 markets – with interpretation of market dynamics
Analysis of customer wants and needs
Bespoke audits of marketing collateral – offering advice on improvements in marketing approach

Product Management

Analysis of the movements in A3 technologies and future implications of these changes
Bespoke audits of product collateral
Bespoke help with RFP creation or response

Financial Analysis

Bespoke modelling offered:

  • Forecasting
  • Business case development
  • Pricing (standard and non-standard)
  • Proposal development
  • Cost analysis and unit costing