Telco Capabilities Needed to Support A3 In the Next 10-15 Years

The diagram below builds from bottom to top, setting out telco skills/capabilities that will be needed in order to support the eleven activities set out in the previous article.

At the bottom are a set of skills that all telcos will need to develop.

The next layer includes items which virtually all telcos will build in the medium term – it is possible that some small or specialist telcos will not require everything on this layer unless it brings a worthwhile cost saving and/or the competition or their customers are using them effectively and they need to invest to compete successfully.

The “Next Ten Years” includes necessary changes to take into account some of the six broad themes set out in the Main Findings section.

Lastly “Ecosystem Players” includes items which larger telcos will require to enable them to play successfully with partners, ecosystem players, customers and suppliers.