Telco Products Needed To Monetize Their Data

The diagram below illustrates eight potential types of data/analytics product that a telco can create for its customers. The arrows across the top of the diagram show potential products for data/analytics ecosystem: the provision of telco and 2nd/3rd party data, processing and storage of data, analytics/data science provided and then “exposure” products”.  “Exposure products” referred to any additional platforms or services which need to be provided in order to provide the data/analytics to the end customer.

These eight types of product are:

Data/analytics as a service: The telco acts as a channel to market for larger data/analytics vendors. This provides the telco’s customers with analytics and other capabilities from popular data/analytics platforms alongside other telco products

Customer insights: This capability provides aggregated and anonymized telco customer data via a portal or platform — for example, to advertisers. Products focus on datasets, such as demographics, to segment and understand customers.

Customer movement insights: This capability provides aggregated and anonymized customer data, but this time, the data uses customer’s location and context from mobile or small cell networks

Raw data feeds/triggers: Sets of raw customer data are passed to an enterprise customer or data about an individual customer is used to creates triggers and then passed to an enterprise customer (for example, as part of authentication process)

IoT platform: A telco’s IoT product has a variety of data/analytics products that are sold separately or as part of the platform

Product platform: A telco may also have a variety of other product platforms that have data/analytics associated with them

Open data platform: Participation in an open data platform, as part of an environments such as a smart city to enable a variety of entities to use the collected data

Niche analytics: Creation of a set of analytics or data science products for a specific use case without any accompanying sale of data or other products.