The Future of Work

This research looks at the impact on telcos of the “Future of Work”.  Key drivers of this include:

Looking at how these Future of Work trends will impact telcos:

  • The markets in which the telco wishes to compete will speed up and become increasingly complex (from an ecosystem and product perspective). This will create more ambiguity and risk and require the telco and its employees to become more flexible and adaptable to change
  • The use of more intelligence and cloud services in a market, gives potential opportunity for new players or for telcos to expand into more markets as they are able to get over barriers to entry more quickly
  • Some job descriptions or parts of a job will disappear, and new ones will appear over time
  • Humans and machines will work together, and telcos will need to create symbiotic relationships. Humans will be front and center of this new world and focus will be needed to ensure job satisfaction and to build trust as machines become part of the working lives of more employees
  • As younger generations join the telco – they will demand more flexibility in the way that they work
  • This flexibility will see core jobs remaining within the telco – but an increasing use of specialist companies and independent specialists to provide as-needed help, particularly in new markets
  • This, along with the increased interest in remote/hybrid-working, will require new leadership skills and tools to support successful arms-length relationships
  • Trends in cultural change which we see already will continue to play a part in telco decision making – including climate concerns, diversity, inclusion and the steps that they can take to support employee mental and physical well-being.