The Opportunities for Telcos To Monetize Their Data

This has been an area of telco activity for the last 8 years. Telco interest levels have varied over time due to the complexity of delivering and selling such a diverse range of products and as a result of the link between many products and the fortunes of other new telco products such as IoT.

This diagram shows, on the x-axis, the total revenue opportunity for monetizing data/analytics in a vertical. The y-axis then shows average feasibility of projects in that vertical – given the capabilities that they will need to build/acquire – and the market in which the product will have to compete.

Green text on the diagram = Verticals where over 50% of the use cases require IoT products and it is assumed that data/analytics will be part of the IoT product sold and therefore does not have an identifiable, separate revenue stream

“All Vertical” = Use cases, where products could be created for more than one vertical.