The state of telco automation in 5 quotes

In recent research with 14 vendors providing telco automation, I was struck by some of the phrases used by those interviewed.

5 of them nicely summed up the current state of progress:

Phrases used Translation
 “automation is a journey”

automation is difficult but necessary

“random acts of automation”

most telcos currently lack a big-picture automation strategy

“Byzantine and unusable”

significant technical and organisational complexity hampers deployments – including fragmentation of automations, multiple vendors, data quality and broken processes

“heroic actions in the past”

Initiatives such as ONAP were designed to provide a platform to support telco automation – but encountered barriers to success

“lots of standards to choose from”

the complexity of automations, particularly in the network, requires a significant amount of industry collaboration and work to overcome issues such as the lack of integration between multiple vendors