Types of Vendor Successfully Selling A3


The vendors which offered case studies/press releases on their website were tagged with a descriptor such as NEP or contact centre solution provider.

Main Findings

  • The predominance of network assurance and management use cases/press releases in the analysis leads to a not-unexpected predominance of network equipment providers and other OSS vendors in the diagram below.
  • The websites of the 7 NEPs analysed provided nearly as many case studies as the 54 smaller OSS vendors.
  • Complex vendors (e.g. Amdocs, Oracle, IBM, Netcracker, Salesforce) were less likely to have telco case studies on their website – leading to quite a small proportion on the graphic compared to other large companies like the NEPs.
  • Identifying those vendors which focus on the contact centre and those in digital channels is complicated by the advent of multi-channel solutions. Adding them together gives a total of 20 vendors providing case studies.
  • Please note that the diagram is missing the significant amount of projects done by the telcos themselves on data science or analytics platforms (eg. IBM Watson, SAS etc).  These are not visible when “counting” press releases for this research.

Summary of Telco Activity

The diagram shows this distribution with the x-axis showing total number of case studies.  The size of the box relates to the number of case studies/press releases found by the different types of vendor.

Types of Vendor Successfully Selling A3


In order to understand the types of advanced analytics, AI and automation (A3) being implemented by telcos, we visited 250 websites of vendors known to sell to telcos – and analysed 130 suitable press releases and case studies.  Giving a picture of the depth and breadth of actual live implementations.

For more detail on this topic and a view of other upcoming research, please do contact me – charlotte@charlottepatrick.uk