Use of A3 in Telco Assurance

The Calm Before the Storm

Significant opportunities to utilize A3 across assurance functions is moving ahead with simpler, descriptive processes while more sophisticated predictive functions are currently implemented in certain individual automations.  Interviews with 11 assurance vendors yielded insight into the chief areas of activity across the telco organization, illustrated in the figure below.

A3 Assurance Opportunity Map

Main Findings

  • Most current activity remains within the NOC/SOC environment. There is rising interest also from marketing for KQIs and insight.
  • Increase in use of assurance data in the contact center is slower than expected due to the complexity of integrating it into processes.  The highest interest is around IVR deflection (were there are more easily articulated cost benefits).
  • 5G deployment, including SDN and NFV, will significantly ramp up demand for predictive capabilities and more complex initiatives like individual customer experience scoring and use within self-healing automation.