What categories of Generative AI look most appealing in the short term?

The model below uses a database of 100 Generative AI capabilities.  The seven bubbles on the diagram group these capabilities and are defined in more detail in the previous blog post.

The 7 categories are measured against:

Likely availability

The y-axis measures the maturity of the use case. A score of 3 expects the use case to be available and of reasonable quality for a telco to use in the next year or two.  Moving down to 1 which assumes it will take many years to create a useable product.  Factors considered include whether the use case will be needed by multiple verticals – which is assumed to speed up deployment.

Usefulness to telco

The x-axis scores the likely impact on the telco.  Use cases gained maximum scores if Gen-AI (often used in conjunction with other models) was likely to reduce costs or increase revenues once mature significantly. Lower scores were given if there was not a significant impact expected or the majority of the benefit will be provided by other technologies. For example, Gen AI will improve sentiment analysis, but it can be offered today without its use.